Mafeking Rover Park Walk

After two glorious walking days in previous months, our luck had to run out eventually. Admittedly it was only a light drizzle, and if we‟d kept to tracks we could have kept quite dry. Unfortunately our leader (ie me) led the team through the long grass and bracken of Mafeking Rover park in Caveat, resulting in wet legs and the discovery that only one of us (not me) had waterproof boots. The walk started with an impressive granite-paved hill which would have had beautiful views if the day had been clear, then through the trees and wet undergrowth along Kopanica creek. After lunch we voted to take the less wet way back along Gum Rd. In flower we saw rock isotome, clematis and a daisy I‟ve been puzzling over for a couple of years. November will be the last walk for the year.

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