Inkweed creeping in

It has recently been reported that Inkweed has crept into our catchment and is suspected of causing death to livestock. Inkweed {phytolacca octandra } is a soft woody perennial shrub up to 2m tall. Stems are often red in colour and soft when young and tend to become woody and branch out with age. The leaves are pointed and range from light bright green to a dark green and can have a strong unpleasant odour when crushed. Flowers mature from green to crimson and there are usually clusters of purple/ black berries. Inkweed is usually found in disturbed ground, after burn- offs and along creek beds. Inkweed is regarded as an environ-mental weed in Victoria and although it is noted that livestock do not usually eat the plant, it is known that the plant is poisonous. Removal prior to seed set is ideal, and if dug out manually you will need to dig quite deeply to remove the root. Application of a herbicide such as brush off is also effective and is recommended on any new growth. For more information call Simone on 5790 4146 . Information sheets are available from the Landcare office in the Tablelands Community Centre.