Booking Information

You may book the Highlands Community Hall by contacting Paula on 0419 551 882.

Charges for use of Highlands Community Hall facilities

$75 per session  (1-4 hours, e.g. meeting)
$150 per function  (e.g. full day or party at night)
$300 a weekend, Friday to Sunday 

The hall has a fully equipped kitchen, tables,  chairs,  cutlery and crockery for up to 50 people and these are all included in the hire rate .

$200 per year for local community groups.  

Having a party at your place?

Hire of chairs:      $15 for hire of up to 25 chairs  $30 for 25 -50 chairs        
Hire of tables:      $5 per table  

Key available from Gayle (0418 889 017)

  • Return the key and report any damage to Gayle

A torch is valuable when using the hall at night.

When opening the building

Power should already be switched on.  The security light at main should make it easier to enter the building at night.
Turn on individual light switches as needed.
NOTE: For the new powerboard Up is On!  Down is Off!
Other individual switches are as normal.  Light switches for the main hall are in the kitchen.

Turn on gas heaters (if needed).
Turn on refrigerator (if needed).  Switch is in cupboard beside the refrigerator.
Turn on ceiling fans (if needed).
In winter, pull down blinds to keep warmth inside at night.  
Raise glass top of gas stove before lighting.

Remember SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED inside public buildings.

For the safety of all using the building please do not run inside the building.

When closing the building

Please leave the Highlands Community Hall clean and tidy.
Please collect all your rubbish and take it away with you.
All lights, gas heaters, hot water service, urns, stove and ceiling fans must be turned off before leaving.
Arrange furniture as it was on your arrival.
After use of meeting room close blinds to protect historic photos from fading.                                                            
If the refrigerator is empty, turn off refrigerator and leave door ajar.
Leave power on for safety, but turn off all individual lights and appliances..
Use push button time switch only for front external light to leave the building safely at night.
Return key to Sue or Judy.
Report any damage or problems to Gayle.

 Details accurate as at November 2021