Highlands has a CFA Depot and Community Hall, with tennis court attached.

Active organizations include the School Council, Hall Committee, Highlands-Caveat CFA, Land Care, Road Committee, the Purple Sage Group, Highlands Arts Experience (HiArts), Spinning Group, Highland Scribblers and Highland Ramblers.

Regular train services to Melbourne and the northeast, including to Sydney all operate out of Seymour.  A regular bus service to and from Melbourne comes through Yea.  School buses service the area travelling to Yea and Seymour schools.

Seymour and Yea are the closest shopping areas, with supermarkets in each town open seven days a week.  Most other small shops close lunchtime Saturday.  Larger shopping areas are located at Wangaratta and Shepparton approximately 90 minutes away, with Melbourne less than 2 hours away.

Municipal libraries are available in Seymour and Yea.

Mail is delivered from Seymour (post code 3660) five days a week throughout the district.  The team that delivers mail will also picked up mail to be posted if correctly stamped. When a pick up is required the resident hangs out a red coloured sign on their mailbox.

Though there is no regular rubbish collection, a transfer station is located on the Ghin Ghin Rd. and at Seymour.  Fees do apply on some items.

The Highland/Caveat is covered by the Murrindindi and Mitchell Shires.

The "Granite News" delivered to mailboxes each week during the school terms caters for the Highlands, Caveat, Ruffy and Terip Terip areas.  Those wishing to pass on information etc. should contact the editor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  It is a project shared by the Hughes Creek Catchment Collaborative and the Highlands School.  It can be read on line by arrangement.